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Jhn 8:32, “And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

Note: The above was the statement of Jesus Christ, renown and most quoted because it relates truth to freedom. Truth in Greek is alētheia which means what is true objectively, in reality, in fact, certainly; the truth as taught in the Bible, respecting God and the execution of His purposes through Christ, and respecting the duties of man, opposing to superstitions, traditions, heresies, and corrupt opinions and precepts of men; - the word occurs about 110 times in the New Testament. In Hebrew 'emeth which means faithfulness, reliableness, true doctrine, divine instruction, truth as opposed to falsehood; - it occurs about 127 times in the Old Testament. Pilate wanted to justify himself, 

Jhn 18:38, “Pilate said to Him: What is truth? And when he had said this, he went out again to the Jews and said to them: I find no guilt in Him.” It is of utmost importance to know the truth and obey it. There is no freedom without truth.

Truth rules in man’s relationship to God and man’s relationship with one another. 

Pro 3:3, “Do not let kindness and truth leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.” A person who abandons kindness and truth becomes inhuman. Capitalism as practiced by Wall Street is so inhuman because it lacks kindness and truth. Wall Street is full of greed and fraud. 

Pro 23:23, “Buy truth, and do not sell it, get wisdom and instruction and understanding.” Wall Street has done great harm to the world because it has been selling lie and fraud. 

Isa 59:14, “Justice is turned back, and righteousness stands far away; for truth has stumbled in the street, and uprightness cannot enter.” Truth has stumbled in Wall Street, and uprightness cannot enter a corrupt government. In a corrupt government, lies and not truth prevail in the land; there is no one who does justice and no one who seeks truth. Politicians and bureaucrats have taught their tongues to speak lies; instead of calling it an economic and financial crisis created by Wall Street crooks and criminals, they call it a great recession that needs government bailout or stimulus. It is displeasing to God that truth is lacking and there is no justice in this world.

Truth is also the basis of relationship among nations. 

Zec 8:19, "Thus says the Lord of hosts: The fast of the fourth, the fast of the fifth, the fast of the seventh and the fast of the tenth months will become joy, gladness, and cheerful feasts for the house of Judah; so love truth and peace.” Warmongering nations do not love truth and peace. When an aggressive nation wants to attack another nation, it always spreads lies and falsehoods about that nation in order to justify the attack. When Western nations and Japan attacked China in the infamous Opium Wars, they said it was done for open and free trade. Oh, my, diabolical white supremacists, to force China to buy opium was the reason to wage a war for open and free trade? Imperialistic and hegemonistic nations that love wars do not love truth. Peoples and nations that love peace must also love truth. Peace and truth go together. Without truth there cannot be peace, to have peace there must be truth. Truth is the force that sets man free.

Truth can be verified. 

Gen 42:16, "Send one of you that he may get your brother, while you remain confined, that your words may be tested, whether there is truth in you. But if not, by the life of Pharaoh, surely you are spies." Words of a man can be tested to determine whether there is truth in him or not. If what a man says is found true, then there is truth in him. If found to be false, then there is no truth in him. A man’s word can be tested to determine if there is truth in him or not. Whether a man has truth in him or not does not depend on whether he has money or not, education or not, social status or not, but whether his word is true or not. You can trust a man only if his word can be verified. Thus the word of a man defines his value. A man is esteemed because there is truth in him. A man of truth deals in truth and integrity. 

Psa 15:2, “He who walks with integrity, and works righteousness, and speaks truth in his heart.” 

You can find rich, powerful and educated people in the world, but where can you find people who speaks truth in his heart?

Pro 12:17, “He who speaks truth tells what is right, but a false witness, deceit.” Truth is the basis of what is right.

1Ki 3:6, “Then Solomon said: You have shown great lovingkindness to Your servant David my father, according as he walked before You in truth and righteousness and uprightness of heart toward You; and You have reserved for him this great lovingkindness, that You have given him a son to sit on his throne, as it is this day.”

Note: How should a man walk? How should a person conduct himself? David walked before God in truth and righteousness and uprightness of heart toward God. Truth, righteousness, and uprightness of heart constitute a man of integrity.

Job 9:2, "In truth I know that this is so; but how can a man be in the right before God?”

Note: Many people think they know something in truth, but in fact it is a lie. Those who think China is a threat believe in a lie. Those who think the United States, Japan, Philippines and Vietnam are for peace and security, they believe in big lies. Knowledge to be valid or valuable must be in truth. Sadly, those who believe there is no God do not know in truth. Those who believe in evolution do not know in truth. Those who believe there is no heaven or hell do not know in truth. A man can never by his own efforts or merit be in the right before God. However, any human being can be counted righteous before God by faith through grace in Jesus Christ. People who know in truth do not believe in delusion or illusion.

1Ki 17:24, “Then the woman said to Elijah: Now I know that you are a man of God and that the Word of the Lord in your mouth is truth."

Note: A man of God can be proven by his word and deed. A man who teaches false doctrines is a false teacher. A man who prophesies his own vision is a false prophet. Anyone who denies Jesus Christ who was God and became Man is an antichrist. A man of God has the Word of God in his heart and mouth. 

Luk 20:21, “They questioned Him, saying: Teacher, we know that You speak and teach correctly, and You are not partial to any, but teach the way of God in truth.” 

All servants of God look to Jesus as the Model and teach the way of God in truth. I am really shocked because I have not met Chinese preachers who preach the Gospel, they teach religion. I have known people who taught  the Word of God correctly. I have heard D. Stuart Briscoe in person and he can teach the Bible correctly and with power.

Exd 18:21 "Furthermore, you shall select out of all the people able men who fear God, men of truth, those who hate dishonest gain; and you shall place these over them as leaders of thousands, of hundreds, of fifties and of tens.”

Note: Leaders must have qualifications. There are four qualifications of a leader, including ability, fear of God, trustworthiness, and hatred of dishonest gain. Nowadays it is difficult to find people in business and government to qualify for leaders because they lack character and qualifications. It is much easier to find people of ability than people of dependability. Dependability is a great ability. You see people of Wall Street who created the American economic and financial crisis have abilities without fear of God, without truth, and love of dishonest gain (greed).

Rom 3:4, “Certainly not! Indeed, let God be true but every man a liar. As it is written: That You may be justified in Your words, and may prevail when You are judged."

Note: This is the fundamental problem of humankind: every man is a liar. Every woman is a liar. Every human being is a liar. There is no truth in humankind. That makes mankind desperate to know the truth, because the truth will make you free. To know the truth not to see whether the truth pleases you; to know the truth is to find out whether you please the truth.

1.    God of truth.

The God of the Bible is the God of truth. If you do not know this, then you have wrong idea about God. The only true God is the Creator of the universe and humankind.

Deu 32:4, "The Rock, His work is perfect; for all His ways are just. A God of faithfulness and without iniquity, just and right is He.”

Note: This Scripture specifies the nature of God: a God of truth and without iniquity, just and right. A false god is without truth, full of iniquity, unjust and wrong. The gods of superstition are idols made by men. The god of an evil religion is violent and unjust and abusive, oppressing women and girls.

Exd 34:6, “Then the Lord passed by in front of him and proclaimed: The Lord, the Lord God, compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in lovingkindness and truth;”

Note: The Lord is described as compassionate and gracious; slow to anger, and abounding in lovingkindness and truth.

Jos 24:14, "Now, therefore, fear the Lord and serve Him in sincerity and truth; and put away the gods which your fathers served beyond the River and in Egypt, and serve the Lord.”

Note: There is only one way to serve God, serve Him in sincerity and truth. When you serve the truth, you must put away false gods, the gods of money, power and sex.

1Sa 12:24, "Only fear the Lord and serve Him in truth with all your heart; for consider what great things He has done for you.”

Note: The only correct attitude toward God is: Fear the Lord and serve Him in truth with all our hearts; for consider what great things God has done for us.

Psa 25:5, “Lead me in Your truth and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation; For You I wait all the day.”

Note: All truths are God’s truth. It is impossible to have scientific truth, legal truth, moral truth, philosophical truth, etc. to contradict the truth God. Christians are not led by political, social, moral, and philosophical truths of any nation or anyone; Christians are led by God’s truth. Whatever God says is true. Whatever God says is true is true, and whatever God says is false is false. God has ultimate say on everything and everyone. The Lord teaches believers through His Spirit and His truth (the Word of God).

Psa 145:18, “The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call upon Him in truth.”

Note: The correct way to pray is to call upon God in truth. Prayer is not reporting or preaching, it is asking God earnestly.

Psa 31:5, “Into Your hand I commit my spirit: You have redeemed me, O Lord God of truth.”

Note: At the last moment, a Christian commits his spirit to the God of truth.

Truth is the basic nature of God. There is no truth in the devil. There is no truth in any false god.

2.  Worship the Father in spirit and truth.

Jhn 4:23, "But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for such people the Father seeks to be His worshipers.”

Note: People of man-made religions worship their gods in many ways; Christians can worship the Father – the Lord of the universe – only in this way: Worship the Father in spirit and truth. No one can have access to God but through the blood of Jesus Christ which was shed for sinners. No one can worship God by his own will; he must do it in spirit and in truth. Man is a tripartite: made of body, soul and spirit. Body is material-consciousness, soul is self-consciousness, and spirit is God-consciousness. Since God is Spirit, we worship God in spirit and truth. In spirit means our spirit gets in touch with the Spirit of God. In truth means with all your heart, sincerely and truly. The most outrageous thing is the fact that Western leaders claim to be Christians and yet they do not worship God in truth. They use the name of God or Christ to advance their empires and military power and attack and occupy or destroy other nations under the pretext of democracy, freedom, human right, etc.

Jhn 4:24, "God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth."

Taiwanese politicians who claim to be Christians and yet they publicly worship idols are not true Christians, they do not worship God in spirit and truth. American leaders and officials who claim to be Christians and yet they are liars and killers are not Christians, Jesus Christ defines them as children of the devil. There are many who profess to be Christians and yet they have many ulterior motives.

3.  There is no truth in the devil.

Jhn 8:44, "You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

Note: This Scripture specifies the nature of the devil:

(A). The devil was a murderer from the beginning. The first murderer was not Cain, it was the devil.

(B). The devil does not stand in the truth. What a man stands for can tell whether he belongs to the devil or not.

(C). There is no truth in the devil. There are very intelligent, crafty and greedy and devious people who think they do well because they can fool the world, but they lie shamelessly and they are children of darkness. Such are people who created the American economic and financial crisis, such are imperialists and hegemonists and militarists who want to dominate the world, such are terrorists who kill in the name of their religion, etc.

(D). The devil speaks lies. The children of the devil are like their father and they also speak lies.

(E). The devil is the father of lies and it has many children and agents on earth. This Scripture sums up the whole nature and character of the devil – the opposite of God.

Just as there is no truth in the devil, there is also no truth in the children of the devil. Like father, like children. Jesus clearly defines who are the children of the devil:

(A). They lie. I am appalled by the lies of Western media which I have studied all my life. I am dismayed by the lies stated by the children of the devil when they post their comments on the Internet - shameless and senseless. They excell in distortion, disinformation, misinformation, misrepresentation, deception without conscience and without morals. I would not waste a second on arguing with them. How can you reason with people who do not stand in the truth. You could not reason with evil Japanese who said they went to China to protect China from American imperialist. You could not reason with American supremacists and imperialists who want to be the supreme power in Asia Pacific although the United States is located in North America. You cannot discuss anything worthwhile with people who strongly believe they are appointed by God to rule the world. What do you do with arrogant people who think they are superior by birthright. You can fool some of the people some of the time. You can even fool most of the people some of the time. But you cannot fool all the people all the time. With instant news, Western media can no longer lie. Leaders of evil empires no longer command respect because of their lies and evil deeds.

(B). They murder. The devil was the murderer from the beginning. And so the children of the devil also kill, kill, kill. They enjoy to engage in wars of aggression. They relish to intervene and interfere in the internal matters of other nations. The children of the devil want to dominate and dictate the world. The 99 percent of all the problems in the world today are the workings of the children of the devil.

The Japanese cowards (August 29, 2012) unilaterally and illegally changed the names of Chinese Diaoyu Islands into Japanese nondescript islands and passed law to include them as Japanese territories in order to make it unlawful for Chinese to land. However, the cowards of Japanese leaders do not dare to include the disputed islands with Russia and South Korea as their own territories. Deceptive and dishonest American leaders use Chinese Diaoyu Islands as Japanese renamed them to include them in defense treaty with the evil empire of Japan. Can China unilaterally rename Hawaii as Huada and include it as Chinese territory? American and Japanese illegality and absurdity are transparent to the whole world. Do you know why? On the side of the United States, the warmongers and aggressors think they can easily rob Chinese territories to threaten China with Japanese military alliance. Furthermore, the American government does not dare to challenge Russia because Russia is a super nuclear power and would not want to have war with Russia. Japanese law does not include disputed islands with South Korea either, because the United States knows that would alienate and break up alliance with South Korea. Clearly, the evil empire of Japan and the evil empire of the United States have decided to launch a war of aggression against China in order to seize the natural and strategic resources of the South China Sea and the East China Sea and become the supreme power in Asia Pacific. Now the intent of the United State and the evil empire of Japan become crystal clear. On the side of Japan, its evil leaders calculate or miscalculate they can win the aggression and rob China’s territories with the military aid of the sole superpower who is the international bully. Not only Japan is unwilling to right the wrongs of its past aggression of killing 50 million Chinese, making millions of Chinese slave workers, making hundreds of thousands of Chinese and Asian young women sex slaves, etc. – denied them all and refused to make formal apology, and pay rightful compensations and damages. Obviously and undoubtedly, the United States and Japan are on the wrong side of history. This will be the greatest miscalculation by the United States and Japan for China and Chinese peoples are no cowards. The event is a giant step toward a global nuclear war, the war to end the world. Let China and 1.45 billion Chinese worldwide have no delusion or illusion of the enemies and rise up to meet the challenge. Let the Taiwanese leaders and Taiwanese do the right thing by joining forces with Mainland China in historic, heroic and rightful defense of the motherland. Unless the American people stop the American government and Japanese people stop the Japanese government, the war is inevitable and imminent. 

When the United States wants to do evil, it always does it skillfully and subtly under false pretense and pretext of noble causes. The United States attacked and occupied Iraq under the pretext that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. For that reason the United States had to take out Iraq for the sake of world security. Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction. Now even the retired archbishop of South Africa Desmond Tutu has called for the ex-leaders of Britain and the United States to be made to “answer for their actions” and face prosecution at the International Criminal Court for their role in the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. There is so much blood on the hands of American presidents since the end of World War II. Millions of peoples around the world had been killed by naked aggressions and brutal military interventions committed by the United States of America, not counting the injured, disabled and impoverished. American leaders have lied and killed, killed and lied. This time the whole world knows exactly that the United States is the devil behind the crisis and conspires with the evil empire of Japan to rob China’s Diaoyu Islands and has equipped the evil empire of Japan with the most advanced defense and offense military systems and weapons. At the same time American leaders are so shameless and stupid to say they do not target China. American leaders have fooled the world too many times, this time they cannot get away with it. The U.S. is the number one threat and security problem in the world today. The United States is located in North America, it has no legitimate interest or right to have massive military forces in Asia Pacific other than intended to attack China to dominate the world. By Jesus’definition, the American leaders although they claim to be Christians, are bona fide sons of the devil who lie and kill continuously.

It is no use to continuously protest and negotiate with the evil empire of Japan. The leaders of the evil empire of Japan only understand force. It is time to take effective force to clean out Japanese illegal occupation of China's Diaoyu Islands and recover the China's territories and preserve China's sovereignty and territorial integrity with military force. Illegal force must be subdued by rightful force.

American media is evil and deceptive. All American journalists and reporters deliberately come short of telling the world the truth that the evil empire of Japan administers Diaoyu Islands was because the evil empire of America illegally and unlawfully gave them control of China’s territories in 1971. The United States had done many evil deeds to China since the infamous Opium Wars to the present time. The United States in 1949 sent the 7th Fleet to protect the defeated Chiang Kai-shek’s regime and thus prevented Taiwan from reunification with mainland China and thus created the Taiwan problem today. Japanese leaders are the most wicked, immoral, unethical, unreasonable, shameless and evil people in the world. Japanese foreign minister urged China to “exercise restraint”. If the wife of Japanese foreign minister is raped and his daughter kidnapped, can he exercise restraint?

The time has come, and now it is. It is for China and Taiwan to join forces to destroy the war ships of the evil empire of Japan that violated China's territorial waters and recover Diaoyu Islands without further delay. Wipe out the aggressors, the international war criminals without mercy. If necessary, give the evil empire of Japan two atomic bombs, one for Tokyo and one for Kyoto, just as the American did to conquer the barbaric and and uncivilized war crime nation Japan. The war against Japanese aggression and for liberation of Diaoyu Islands must be conducted with lightning speed and conclude with victory through overpowering force.

How do you know whether the United States and the evil empire of Japan want war or not? If the United States apologizes for illegally and unlawfully giving control of China's Diaoyu Islands to the evil empire of Japan in 1971 and pays compensation; and if the evil empire of Japan peacefully surrenders Diaoyu Islands and pays compensation for illegal possession of China's territories, then you know they do not want war. If they do not, that means they want war.

Global Red Alert! The war of aggression is coming because the United States and Japan want war with China.

4.   The Word of God is truth.

Jhn 17:17, “Sanctify them through Your (God’s) truth: Your word is truth.”

Note: The Word of God is truth, and it has power to sanctify believers.

1 Ki 17:24, “And the woman said to Elijah: Now by this I know that you are a man of God, and that the word of the Lord in your mouth is truth.”

2Sa 7:28, "Now, O Lord God, You are God, and Your words are truth, and You have promised this good thing to Your servant.”

Psa 119:160, “The sum of Your word is truth, and every one of Your righteous ordinances is everlasting.”

The Catholic Pope Benedict seems to be an interesting fellow. Benedict said on Friday (March 23, 2012) that communism had failed in Cuba. The pope said only half-truth. He should also say: Capitalism had failed in America. Capitalism had also failed in Europe. Capitalism has failed everywhere. American democracy has also failed. The evil of Wall Street, Washington and Hollywood has done great harm to the world. The theory of Deng Xiaoping has worked in China, can also work anywhere. China is in danger of being infected by capitalism; greed has become pervasive in China today which resulted in all kinds of fraud and social ills. Wherever a society is driven by greed, there corruption and all sorts of evil prevail. Above all, Benedict should say many doctrines and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church had violated the teachings of the Holy Bible. In fact, the office of the pope itself is contrary to the teaching of Jesus Christ who is the Head of the Church, and the Holy Spirit who is the Sole Representative of Christ on earth.

The pope said, “I carry in my heart the just aspirations and legitimate desires of all Cubans, wherever they may be." I say to the pope, billions of Christians and common people in the world carry in their hearts the empathy and sympathy for hundreds of thousands of children (boys and girls) raped and sexually molested by Catholic priests and nuns all over the world for decades, and asking for more freedoms to help the Roman Catholic Church to change their un-Scriptural celibacy policy and control and discipline the immoral behavior of Catholic priests and nuns.

Pope Benedict XVI is getting interesting when he said, “Life is stronger than death. Good is stronger than evil. Love is stronger than hate. Truth is stronger than lies.” True, true, true – it is true to the Word of God. But my goodness, when will the Roman Catholic Church practice the sound doctrines and teaching of the Bible? When will the Roman Catholic Church correct the erroneous doctrines and traditions contrary to the teachings of the Lord and His apostles? When will the Roman Catholic Church stop its priests and nuns from raping or sexually molesting boys and girls?

5.   God’s works are done in truth.

Psa 33:4, “For the Word of the Lord is right; and all His works are done in truth.”

Note: The works of Wall Street are not done in truth because of fraud and unsound practices they created the largest economic and financial crisis in the world.

6.   The Lord’s lovingkindness and truth will preserve His children.

Psa 40:11, “You, O Lord, will not withhold Your compassion from me; Your lovingkindness and Your truth will continually preserve me.”

Note: Preserve in Hebrew is natsar which means to keep, defend, watch over, guard from dangers; - it occurs 63 times in the Old Testament.

7.   In the truth of God’s salvation.

Psa 69:13, “But as for me, my prayer is to You, O Lord, in the acceptable time; O God, in the multitude of Your mercy, hear me in the truth of Your salvation.”

Note: There is truth in God’s salvation. The truth of God’s salvation is this: all have sinned and deserve eternal punishment; Jesus Christ the Lamb of God died for sinners so that all who repent and believe may have eternal life.

8.   Truth springs up from the earth.

Psa 85:11, “Truth springs up from the earth, and righteousness looks down from heaven.”

Note: In Hebrew spring up is tsamach which means to sprout, grow, bud; - it occurs about 33 times in the Old Testament. Truth needs to grow and spread on earth.

9.   The works of God’s hands are truth and justice.

Psa 111:7, “The works of His hands are truth and justice; all His precepts are sure.”

Note: A man is known by his works. The works of God’s hands are truth and justice.

Truth and justice are the characteristics of the works of God. Truth and justice go together. It cannot have truth without justice, or justice without truth. The works of government should be the works of truth and justice. Truth and justice are not the works of man, man being a liar. Children of God must be for truth and justice. Children of the devil are against truth and justice.

10.  The truth of the Lord is everlasting.

Psa 117:2, “For His lovingkindness is great toward us, and the truth of the Lord is everlasting. Praise the Lord!”

Note: The truth of the Lord is everlasting because it endures for ever. The truth of the Lord is everlasting because the Lord is eternal. Truth is ultimate because it is eternal. There are three things which are ultimate: Truth, Wisdom, Love.

Psa 146:6, “Who made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them; Who keeps truth forever.”

Note: Truth is eternal because God keeps truth forever.

The Christian truth is not passé. Jesus Christ says, 

Mat 24:35 "Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.”

Only men of corrupt minds and destitute of the truth would suggest the Christian truth is passé. 2Cr 13:8, “For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth.”

11.   God’s law is the truth.

Psa 119:142, “Your (God’s) righteousness is an everlasting righteousness, and Your law is the truth.”

Note: The law of the Lord is truth. Without the law of God we do not know what is sin, right or wrong. Because God says you shall not covet, so we know the sin of greed. The sin of greed is manifested in all over the world, especially in a capitalistic society, in Wall Street. Wall Street executives created the economic and financial crisis beginning in 2008 that robbed and looted the world more than $50 trillion dollars.

The issue of same-sex marriage is not about marriage equality. The issue of inter-racial marriage would be the issue of marriage equality. Those who oppose inter-racial marriage would oppose marriage equality. The Bible does not commend or condemn inter-racial marriage. The issue of same-sex marriage is about unnatural marriage – marriage against nature, marriage against God’s commandment. The idea same-sex marriage is for them to have love and to express it openly is a warped and wicked idea. You can use the same argument for bestiality, for man to have sex with animal. God clearly condemns same-sex marriage (homosexuality) and bestiality. No Christians can vote for a presidential candidate or any politician that supports or legalizes same-sex marriage.

12.    All God's commandments are truth.

Psa 119:151, “You are near, O Lord; and all Your commandments are truth.”

Note: Commandment in Hebrew is mitsvah which means a command, precept, code of wisdom; - it occurs about 181 times in the Old Testament. God’s commandments are expressed mostly in “You shall not…” and “You shall…” Commandments of God which ought not to be done are things prohibited. Commandments of God which ought to be done are orders to be carried out.

13.   The lip of truth shall be established for ever.

Pro 12:19, “The lips of truth will be established forever; but a lying tongue is only for a moment.”

Note: Politicians, bureaucrats, business executives, preachers of false gospel, etc. have lying tongues. They can fool people some of the time, they cannot fool people all the time.

14.   The Scripture of truth.

Dan 10:21, “But I will show you that which is noted in the Scripture of truth: and there is none that holds with me in these things, but Michael your prince.”

Note: The Bible is the Scripture of truth; the Word of God is truth. Science is the best human knowledge given at a time and place. The best of human knowledge is often wrong. The truth is absolute; science is progressive and tentative, but not absolute. Scientific theory can be wrong, truth is always right. The Word of God is truth because God is true.

15.   God will perform the truth.

Mic 7:20, “You (God) will give truth to Jacob and unchanging love to Abraham, which You swore to our forefathers from the days of old.”

16.   God’s Word sanctifies believers.

Jhn 17:17, “Sanctify them through Your (God’s) truth; Your Word is truth."

Note: The word sanctify in Greek is hagiazō which means to separate from profane things and dedicate to God, to be free from the guilt of sin, to purify internally by renewing of the soul, to make holy; - it occurs about 29 times in the Old Testament. Dear friends, do you know studying the Word of God can sanctify you? The Holy Bible is the Scripture of truth.

17.   Everyone who is of the truth hears Jesus’ voice.

Jhn 18:37, “Therefore Pilate said to Him: So You are a king? Jesus answered: You say correctly that I am a king. For this I have been born, and for this I have come into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice."

Note: To hear the voice of Jesus means to listen to Him and obey His command. The fact that a person does not listen to Christ means he is not His sheep. Christians are followers of Jesus Christ.

18.   The wicked suppress the truth in unrighteousness.

Rom 1:18, “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness,”

Note: Suppress in Greek is katechō which means to hold back, detain, restrain, hinder; - it occurs about 19 times in the New Testament. Rom 1:25, “For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.” Rom 2:8, “But to those who are selfishly ambitious and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness, wrath and indignation.” Historical illustrations are the imperialists, colonialists, white supremacists, hegemonists, fascists, capitalists, terrorists, etc. who are selfishly ambitious and do not obey the truth. The wicked obey unrighteousness, wrath and indignation.

The American media is so wicked and devoid of truth that special interests habitually use mass media to spread disinformation and misinformation and lies to deceive the people. A media campaign and propaganda are launched to paint poor doctors; the so-called doctors in America are harboring an embarrassing secret: Many of them are going broke. Even those politicians and lawmakers who pretend to reform the most costly healthcare system in the world never mention the fact and the root cause is a fraudulent and predatory system to gouge and fleece and defraud the American public and have created the sad casualties of bankrupting millions of American families with impunity for many decades and they are still doing it at acceleration and intensity. American doctors and hospitals charge everything the highest in the world. Please read Health Care Terrorism on my website. The American legal and healthcare systems are among the most blood-sucking and blatant in the world. Justice is murdered and truth is trampled by evildooers and healthcare terrorists...

A white supremacist (January 26, 2012) wrote, “Two decades after evicting U.S. forces from their biggest base in the Pacific, the Philippines is in talks with the Obama administration about expanding the American military presence in the island nation, the latest in a series of strategic moves aimed at China.”

Indeed the U.S. is making a series of military (more than strategic) moves aimed at China. The fact that the U.S. is located in North America but wants to be the supreme power in Asia Pacific makes the American intent crystal clear. All deceptive propaganda and lies used by hegemonists and militarists such as China’s threat, etc. do not fool the peoples of the world anymore. In the last 175 years what nation started most of the wars of aggression? Military arrangements are made to base thousands of U.S. marines in northern Australia, Navy warships in Singapore, tens of thousands of troops stationed at long-standing bases in Japan, South Korea and Guam, as well as the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, operating navy ships from the Philippines, courting Vietnam and Thailand, etc. in bolstering military partnerships, etc. under false pretenses of China’s rise, etc. – point to the specter of war intended to seize the natural resources of the South China Sea and the East China Sea. The leaders and peoples of these Asian nations must seriously ask themselves for whatever imaginary benefits they maybe promised whether they want their locations and nations to be used as the battle grounds and front lines to serve the imperialist unholy ambition of world domination. This is not a small war because China and Chinese people will never again be violated by any foreign power. This war of aggression will quickly turn into war of massive destruction and global nuclear holocaust. Let the leaders and peoples of the world beware of what is going to happen unless the aggressor is stopped beforehand. If you study the world history, the masses of mankind suffered under a handful of evil men. The American people must not think they would be safe 10,000 miles away; ICBMs with multiple nuclear warheads would fall like fire and brimstone from heaven and like shooting stars suddenly come upon them. They need to ask themselves is it worth to lose hundreds of millions of Americans and billions of lives for coveting natural resources of the South China Sea and the East China Sea which rightfully belong to China? It would be the greatest miscalculation if the aggressor thinks China and 1.45 billion Chinese worldwide would cave in. This is not going to be like the Opium Wars in the past; this would be the war that ends the world!

Those who say Tibet, Xinjiang and Taiwan do not belong to China are liars. They are enemies of the truth, and they are enemies of China and 1.45 billion Chinese world-wide. On the contrary, it is true America does not belong to white people. America belongs to Red Indians, the original natives of America. The white supremacists by wars of conquest robbed and defrauded the land of Red Indians and almost terminated the race of the masters of America.

America is beating the drums of war in Asia Pacific and coordinating efforts with its satellites and allies, and making preparations to launch war of aggression against China in order to seize the natural and strategic resources of the South China Sea and the East China Sea. At the same time Western powers are coordinating subversive efforts in Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang and Hong Kong to undermine China.

After years of observations, it is most shocking to conclude that Western media, anti-China politicians and officials and supremacists routinely, regularly, and relentlessly make false accusations and manufacture all sorts of lies against China. For example, even though China does not have one overseas military base and does not occupy any nation while the sole superpower has more than 700 military bases all over the world to encircle China and with a defense budget more than all nations combined and started many wars and occupied other nations and incited other nations to make false claims to China’s territories in the South China Sea and the East China, but they shamelessly and unconscionably broadcast the big lie of China’s threat. These people claim to be Christians and yet they do not heed the warning of the Bible, Rev 21:8, “But for the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and immoral persons and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”

The editorial of the white supremacist media wrote (September 29, 2012) in headline, “In China, no rule of law.” This is one of millions or trillions of examples how anti-China American media do not report news but make news through their opinions, a dark distortion of truth:

1.  Under what rule of law or the law of the jungle that the United States with the evil empires of Britain and Japan and others attacked China in the infamous Opium Wars, forced China to buy opium, killed Chinese, burned, robbed and looted China’s national treasures, not counting Yen Ming Yuan and imposed unfair treaty? The losses of China’s national treasures are estimated at market value of $10,000 trillion dollars, in fact they are priceless. You can find and see millions of items of China’s national treasures in the Smithsonian Institution, European and Japanese public and private museums and others. Under what rule of law or the law of the jungle these evil empires and individual robbers and thieves still keep and possess China’s national treasures in their hands? Under what rule of law or the law of the jungle that Western auctioneers make billions of dollars just by selling and buying these looted China’s national treasures?

2.  Under what rule of law or the law of the jungle the United States sent the 7th Fleet in 1949 in military interventions to protect the defeated regime of Chiang Kai-shek, and thus prevented Taiwan from the reunification with mainland China? Under what rule of law or the law of the jungle that the United States keeps China divided and without morals or shame considering Taiwan, a province of China, an American ally?

3. Under what rule of law or the law of the jungle that the U.S. executed the “containment of China” policy to violate China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and committed a series of hostilities and military acts against China since 1949 to the present time?

4. Under what rule of law or the law of the jungle when the U.S. is not able to compete with China in trade and manufacturing imposes sanctions and exports control on China and engages in protective trade and tariffs against China and calls it free trade?

5. Under what rule of law or the law of the jungle the United States executes immoral economic practices of Quantitative Easing three times to devalue dollars, reduce its debt to China and at the same time accuses China of practicing undervalue of yuan when in fact it is not yuan that is undervalued, it is dollar which is losing its value?

6. Under what rule of law or the law of the jungle when the U.S. illegally and unconstitutionally passed the US-Taiwan Relations Act to keep Taiwan from reunification with China, sell deadly and costly weapons to Taiwan so that the Chinese may kill each other in fulfilling the American strategy of “divide and destroy” China?

7. Under what rule of the law or the law of the jungle at the end of World War II the United States became the evil empire and created and conducted many unjust wars and military conflicts and interventions around the world which estimated killing 65 millions of peoples, not counting the injured, disabled, and impoverished as a result of American wars and military interventions?

8.  Under what rule of law or the law of the jungle that the United States in 1971 gave control of China’s Diaoyu Islands to the defeated war crime nation of Japan without China’s consent and thus violated China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity? Under what rule of law or the law of the jungle that the United States robbed China’s territories by giving Diaoyu Islands to the defeated and unconditionally surrendered war crime nation of Japan which agreed in 1945 to return Taiwan and all related islands to China?

9.  Under what rule of law or the law of the jungle that the U.S. under the false pretense and pretext of security established more than 700 overseas military bases in more than 100 nations to encircle and threaten China and Russia?

10. Under what rule of law or the law of the jungle that the United States continuously and massively conducts military exercises with the evil empire of Japan and its allies at China’s doorsteps to challenge and provoke China? The U.S. is the only nation on earth which is continuously producing weapons of mass destruction and preparing for wars. Under what rule of law or the law of the jungle the U.S. is the divider of the world, not the unifier, not the peacemaker, but the warmaker, the troublemaker, the warmonger, the international outlaw and bully?

11. Under what rule of law or the law of the jungle that the U.S. has declared China’s Diaoyu Islands covered under the US-Japan defense treaty, in time of military conflict between China and Japan, the U.S. will come to aid Japan the aggressor and robber of China’s territories?

12. Under what rule of law or the law of the jungle that the U.S. which is located in North America has any legitimate interest or legal right to be the supreme power in Asia Pacific? The American Monroe Doctrine says America is for the Americans, what can’t the China Doctrine says Asia is for the Asians? Under what rule of law or the law of the jungle that the U.S. wants to dominate and dictate the world? God never chose America to be the ruler of the world. 

A white female supremacist-journalist wrote, “When uncertainty is high, so too is risk. As China transitions, the rest of the world hopes equilibrium will emerge sooner rather than later. Beijing should understand that the international community has little choice in the meantime but to hedge its bets — seeking the potential upside of deeper engagement with China while protecting itself by strengthening established international alliances and norms. This is not a policy of containment — it is merely containing the uncertainty inherent in China today.”

(1).  Yes, indeed, the uncertainty of the United States is high, so too is risk. The U.S. has the perennial largest deficits and biggest national debts of over $16 trillion dollars, and continuously climbing with practicing immoral Quantitative Easing (printing large sums of money) three times, being the number one creditor of America, China is worried how much loss it will suffer under American QEs and the international community is worried whether the U.S. is able to repay its debts. How can China hedge its bets that the value of dollar would not continuously drop and erode Chinese investments in America? With a corrupted government and politics of self-serving politicians and officials, flawed and weak internal structure compounded by polarized parties of self-interest where the 1 percent of population owns most of the wealth and power, how is it possible for the U.S. to clean its own house and put its house in order?

(2). The American model of democracy and government is repudiated even by overwhelming majority of American people, and American capitalism is rejected by Europeans, Washington should understand why the international community has little choice in rejecting American self-appointed leadership in dividing the world, creating conflicts and hostilities around the world, establishing military alliances with the evil empire of Japan and rat and rogue nations as frontlines in the pursuit of world conquest. The community of nations is frightened why the defense (or war) budgets of the United States are more than the defense budgets of all nations combined? The peace-loving nations of the world are nervous wondering why the United States is having massive troops, fleets of warships, and 700 military bases all over the world? Who is the enemy anyway? The U.S. blatantly broadcasts the China threat, but China does not even have one single overseas military base. China has not attacked and occupied any nation, but the U.S. did and does.

(3).  Well, after some years of silence, now there appears a voice calling for the ex-leaders of Britain and the United States to be made to “answer for their actions” and face prosecution at the International Criminal Court for their role in the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. The man who (September 2, 2012) called for justice is no other than Desmond Tutu, the retired Anglican Church’s archbishop of South Africa. How can the international community contain the uncertainty or certainty (depending on your viewpoint) inherent in the evil empire of America would not start another war of aggression against China with its allies Japan and others in the pursuit of world domination and dictatorship? When Japan nationalized China’s Diaoyu Islands which was an unofficial declaration of war on China, not only the U.S. did not condemn it but strengthened its military ties with the evil empire with most advanced military weapons and equipment and provocative military exercises at China’s doorsteps. Something worst, the U.S. declares that the US-Japan defense treaty would cover China’s Diaoyu Islands; it is tantamount to an unofficial American declaration of war on China. If the United States gave two atomic bombs to Japan and conquered Japan and made Japanese leaders running dogs of America today, why can’t China do the same by giving two atomic bombs to Japan who robbed China’s territories and conquer Japan and make their leaders running dogs of China?

(4). Since the end of World War II, the rule of law and norms that the U.S. has adopted are simply wars of aggression and intervention. With a strong signal from the top, the American president shifted the pivot to Asia Pacific. The American foreign policy has played out in many unjust wars and unholy ambition in the pursuit of absolute supremacy and control of the world. The U.S. has not conducted itself as a peaceful nation located in North America, but continuously fought wars and made wars in foreign lands and caused devastating destructions and deaths around the world. The American imperialism and capitalism and Islamic terrorism account for 99 percent of all problems and troubles in the world today. The peoples of the world do not wonder what kind of power the United States will become; they already know what kind of power America is. That is why the United States is the most hated nation on earth. America is at odd with the world.

(5).  In 2008 Wall Street (a product and agent of American capitalism) created the American economic and financial crisis that looted the world more than $50 trillion, not only hardly anyone was sent to jail; the crooks and criminals of Wall Street were rewarded with billions in bonuses. America has undergone a surreptitious structural change of rule and law that the Wall Street makes their own rule and law, and executives who gamble on investor’s money would make billions no matter whether they win or lose.

(6). The daughter of Jezebel talked about mayhem and mobs. The two nations which have killed more peoples in the world are the evil empire of Japan and the evil empire of the United States. Japan committed genocide and killed 50 million Chinese worldwide, made millions of Chinese slave workers, made hundreds of thousands of Chinese and Asian young women sex slaves, and then some atrocities and brutalities; unlike Germany which righted its past, Japanese government and leaders and courts denied them all, refused to pay compensations and damages, revised history textbooks to whitewash their war crimes and crimes against humanity; and worst of all Japanese leaders and people worship their war criminals in a shrine as national heroes. As the saying goes, A man is known by his friends. A nation is also known by its allies. The United States is proud to have the evil empire of Japan as its closest ally. According to an American scholar, James A. Lucas, The overall conclusion reached is that the United States most likely has been responsible since WWII for the deaths of between 20 and 30 million people in wars and conflicts scattered over the world.” While another scholar estimated the deaths caused by the U.S. reached 65 million peoples. The rule of law defined by white supremacists is ‘might makes right’. If you are the sole super power, you can do anything you please even killing millions of peoples, attacked and occupied foreign nations, looted their national treasures and resources, practiced tortures, gave away territories of other nations ...

(7). If America is governed by the rule of law, where do the largest deficits and biggest national debt in the world come from? If the U.S. can give China’s Diaoyu Islands to Japanese control, why can’t China give Hawaii to Russia? Why the United States under false pretense and pretext can attack and occupy other nations? Why do the American people live in fear daily of being shot, killed, robbed, raped, defrauded, discriminated, blackmailed, mugged, etc.? Why the American doctors, dentists, hospital owners, drug and insurance companies, medical suppliers, etc. are allowed to prey and defraud patients with impunity and bankrupted millions of American families with the most costly and ineffective healthcare system in the world? Why the American legal system is so flawed that it serves the interest of crooks and criminals, lawyers and legal professionals, judges and prosecutors at public expense and at the expense of justice? Why the U.S. has the highest crime rate, the largest prison population, the largest population of illegal aliens, the largest population of drug addicts, etc.? Why Wall Street is allowed to loot the world more than $50 trillion in recent crisis created by Wall Street executives and bankers and greatly rewarded them with billions in bonus alone? Why Affirmative Action is practiced to benefit one racial group at the expense of other minorities? Why the U.S. is controlled by monopolies, oligopolies and 1 percent of the population? Why the American banking system is so unfair and predatory that if you put your money of $15,000 at an American bank like Citibank, you may only earn more or less $0.15 (15 cents) a month, at an annual rate of 0.01%, which is $1.80 a year. If you do not maintain a balance of $15,000, the bank will charge you $20 dollar a month, which is $240 a year. It is possible that your money in the bank may dwindle to zero and you still owe bank's charges. If you borrow from the bank mortgage interest rate is 1 Year ARM 4.14%, Credit Card is 13.24% - 20.24% APR based on credit worthiness, and 48 month new car loan is 2.9%. Do you see how capitalism exploits and extorts and robs the people? Why do the banks make all the rules that enrich themselves and the government approves them? If the U.S. is right to give all sorts of subsidies to American business and industry from farm to oil, why is it wrong for China to do the same? Why the American society is the most greedy, dangerous, violent, virulent and unsafe in the world? The examples of American lawlessness are too numerous to list them.

The lies told by American leaders, officials and American mass media may be bigger than the American national debt of over $17 trillion. If you count one American lie per second, do you know it will take 31,000 years just to count one trillion American lies? The world may understand if American leaders are atheists and unbelievers and infidels, but they claim to be Christians. Jesus Christ says,

Jhn 8:44,You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

Note: Jesus defines the children of the devil by the fact they lie and they murder. On the authority of Jesus Christ, no matter who you are, there is no exception: If you lie and kill, you are children of the devil. 

19.   The judgment of God is according to truth.

Rom 2:2, “But we are sure that the judgment of God is according to truth against them which commit such things.”

Note: If only you investigate, you will find the judgment of man represented by the highest court of the land is NOT according to truth, it is corrupted by travesty of justice and special interests and distorted mind.

20.   Christ was full of grace and truth.

Jhn 1:14,  “And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten Son of the Father, full of grace and truth.”

Note: The Scriptures speaks of the historical truth about Jesus Christ. The past tense does not mean it is no longer so. Christ is full of grace and truth forever. Jhn 1:17, “For the Law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.”

21.   Christ taught the way of God in truth.

Mat 22:16, “And they sent to Him (Christ) their disciples with the Herodians, saying: Master, we know that You are true, and teach the way of God in truth; nor do You care about anyone, for You do not regard the person of men.”

Note: Even the enemies of Christ must admit that Christ is true and teaches the way of God in truth. Christianity can be defined as the way of God in truth. Salvation is the way of God, not the way of man. Christ is the way, the truth and the life. There is no other way.

22.   Christ is the way, the truth, and the life.

Jhn 14:6, “Jesus says unto him, I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no man comes to the Father, but by Me.”

Note: Christ is the One and Only. There is no other just as there is only one sun. Christ is the only way to God. This is not narrow-mindedness. Truth is exclusive, never all inclusive. Those who preach there are many ways to God preach the false gospel. Truth is serious and sober. Act 26:25, “But Paul said: I am not out of my mind, most excellent Festus, but I utter words of sober truth.” Rom 9:1, “I am telling the truth in Christ, I am not lying, my conscience testifies with me in the Holy Spirit.” To know Christ is the way, the truth, is to receive life – eternal life.

23.   The truth is in Christ Jesus.

Eph 4:21, “If indeed you have heard Him (Christ) and have been taught by Him, just as the truth is in Jesus.”

Note: There are scientific truths which are progressive, but not absolute or final. There is no ultimate truth outside of Jesus Christ.

24.   The Spirit of truth proceeds from the Father.

Jhn 15:26, “When the Comforter comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, that is the Spirit of truth who proceeds from the Father, He will testify about Me.”

Note: After Jesus Christ ascended into heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit to the world to represent Himself, and the Spirit of truth lives in believers to help and lead them.

Jhn 14:17, “That is the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it does not see Him or know Him, but you know Him because He abides with you and will be in you.”

25.   The Spirit is truth.

1 Jo 5:6, “This is He who came by water and blood, even Jesus Christ; not by water only, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit who bears witness, because the Spirit is truth.”

Note: God is truth, Christ is the truth, and the Holy Spirit is truth. Christians believe in the Triune God who is the truth.

26.   The Spirit of truth will guide believers into all truth.

Jhn 16:13, “But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak of Himself, but whatever He hears, He will speak; and He will disclose to you things to come.”

Note: The most brilliant scientists or scholars who do not have the Spirit of truth do not know the ultimate truth, that is why they cannot comprehend the truth of God. People who do not have the Spirit of truth are ignorant of the divine truth.

27.   No lie is of the truth.

1 Jo 2:21, “I have not written to you because you do not know the truth, but because you do know it, and that no lie is of the truth.”

Note: Christians know the truth because the Spirit of truth is in them. Lie and truth are not compatible. There is no lie in truth, and there is no truth in lie.

A journalist wrote, “Among the attributes I most envy in a public man (or woman) is the ability to lie. If that ability is coupled with no sense of humor, you have the sort of man who can be a successful football coach, a CEO or, when you come right down to it, a presidential candidate. Such a man is Mitt Romney... A marathon of debates and an eon of campaigning have toughened and honed Romney. He commands the heights of great assurance, and he knows, as some of us learn too late in life, that the truth is not always a moral obligation but sometimes merely what works. He often cites his business background as commending him for the presidency. That’s his forgivable absurdity. Instead, what his career has given him is the businessman’s concept of self — that what he does is not who he is. This is what enables the slumlord to be a charitable man. This is what enables the corporate raider to endow his university. Business is business. It’s what you do. It is not who you are. Lying isn’t a sin. It’s a business plan.”

Sad and tragic is the American way of life. Sad and dirty is American politics. Such is the abnormality and absurdity of American mentality. Do you know any American president or who wants to be president that does not lie? Let Christians everywhere beware this is contrary to the teaching of Jesus Christ. Jhn 8:44,“You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” 

1Jo 2:21,“I have not written to you because you do not know the truth, but because you do know it, and because no lie is of the truth.” 

1Cr 6:9-10,“Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the Kingdom of God.” The Word of God speaks clearly; I do not need to explain.

If I say the United States is the model for the world, God will curse me because it is a lie. The United States is no model for the world. America is represented by Washington, Wall Street, and Hollywood. Washington is the model of corruption and aggression and lawlessness and warmongering, Wall Street is the model of greed and fraud, and Hollywood is the model of sex and lust. The American model as represented by Washington, Wall Street, and Hollywood is a wrong model for the world. There are many still do not see the light and incline to believe a lie. The so-called democracy represented by Washington in fact serves the 1 percent at the expense of the 99 percent; not to mention an imperial policy of conquest, expansion, exploitation and domination. The capitalism represented by Wall Street enriches the 1 percent at the expense of the world, full of fraud and flaw. The culture represented by Hollywood is sheer sexual immorality, deviation, and violence. There are not a few gullible Chinese who think everything American or Western is superior. A very apparent example emerging in Chinese society, the female Chinese TV or media personnel more and more dress to expose their bare chest or breast copying the American actresses or glamorous women. Worst are the youth who think it is cool to smoke and use drugs, and male youth to wear earrings and funny hair style, and drive noisy motorcycles, etc. Despicable are some Chinese women who talk boisterously and dare to use F word as their outbursts of self-importance. Some Chinese movie producers mistake in believing the more sex-oriented and violent movies they make after the West the more successful they may become. Some even believe sexual promiscuity and divorce are fashionable. After years of study and observation, I discover a verifiable truth: the more a person loves money, power and sex – the more inhuman, arrogant, abnormal, brutal, carnal, uncivilized and worldly he/she becomes. The American culture of money, power and sex is certainly contrary to the Christian culture of faith, hope, and love.

In 2014 big things, bad things, very big things and very bad things are going to happen in the world.
This year 2014 is perhaps the most critical in American history. The biggest American enemies are not outsiders; they are those who are in power - those who are leading the nation to decline and self-destruction. Americans need to rise up to change leaders and change the course of direction, change the wrong system and wrong way of life, and change America from pursuing world domination to pursuing peace and harmony and prosperity in the world! If Americans do nothing, there is no one to blame but themselves. If Americans choose war, death and destruction, God would not help them.
(A). The first dangerous sign and brinkmanship in 2014 has been committed by the Philippines. Incited and emboldened by the sole superpower, Philippines with the largest warship acquired from the United States, attempted to harass Chinese fishermen in Chinese territorial waters of the South China Sea (mark you not Philippines sea) and challenge China’s indisputable sovereignty for thousands of years. It is ludicrous and ridiculous to claim Philippine territory in the South China Sea. It is vicious and malicious to accuse Chinese vessels of intruding into what it considers Philippine territory in the South China Sea. There is absolutely no Philippine territory in the South China Sea, just as there is no Chinese territory in the North America. The aggression is cloaked under the pretext of making false claim and that “the navy would enforce Philippine laws” while Philippines has been known to be a lawless nation in looting, robbing, kidnapping and even killing Chinese there. Perhaps the Chinese in the Philippines should take the cue and move their assets out quickly. Filipinos should not be fooled by their corrupt and crafty leaders in falsely believing and taking comfort that American soldiers would be willing to die for them in an armed conflict with China. Also remember China is able to obliterate the Philippine islands in one hour.The U.S. interference in the region is playing with fire as evidence indicates.

Isn’t it strange that the U.S. which is located in North America but its forces are maintaining a naval base in the Philippine province of Zambales and supporting Philippines in making false claim to Chinese territory in the South China Sea? The motive is transparent when the South China Sea is endowed with oil and gas deposits, rich fishing grounds and proximity to busy commercial sea lanes and above all for its strategic importance. American provision of modern weaponry to Philippines and conduct of military exercises near the South China Sea are unwise and provocative activities. Any encouragement of aggression or provocation provided by the U.S. to the Philippines may lead to disastrous consequences. It would be wise for China to take solemn and stern action against the aggressive acts of Philippines, nip in the bud, and additionally suspend all economic aid and investment as well as exchanges of any kind to send a clear message of displeasure. Do not let a rat enter into the elephant ear. It would be wise for Chinese there to move their assets out of hostile and lawless nation quickly.

China does not seek enemy and does not want war, but if any nation thinks and acts as if it can violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China under the nuclear umbrella of the sole superpower, it will be a great blunder of immense consequences. China will be resolute and never again let the imperialists trample on China. The 1.45 billion Chinese world-wide will rise up to support Chinese leaders and defend the fatherland at any cost that the world has never witnessed before. China is able to defend itself and protect its territory. Let no nation think a nuclear holocaust is a child play because it means the end of the world.

(B).  India announced the successful test launch (April 19, 2012) of a new nuclear-capable missile that would give it the capability of striking the major Chinese cities of Beijing and Shanghai for the first time. The New Delhi government statement is provocative and pugnacious. Indian officials hailed the successful launch as a major boost to the country’s hostile efforts to counter China’s regional dominance is a pure poppycock and unprofitable boast. No, a respected world power should be able to feed and house its own people in a decent way. No corrupt government is a respected power. No power which harbors unholy ambition of aggression can be a respected power. Aggression is never considered an achievement; if that was the case, Hitler would be a world hero.  India and North Korea are two nations that cannot feed their own peoples and yet wasted so much money ($486 million for one Indian missile)and resources in seeking empty and hollow title of being a world power. Nuclear weapons do not improve the quality of life of their poor citizens one bit. No missile power can clean up a corrupt government. No, a corrupt and power-hungry and militant nation stands very short and falls short in the eyes of peace-loving and decent peoples of the world. China would be wise to take all precautions and necessary counter measures in response to a nation that publicly pronounced its hostility and malice without qualm. “While China doesn't really consider India any kind of a threat or any kind of a rival, India definitely doesn't think in the same way.” Such warmongering mentality is an abnormal and psychopathic mentality. What kind of deterrence is it and deterrence to whom? Who is interested to get or gain a poor India with more than 1.2 billion mouths to feed and a billion more of social problems and infinite liabilities

(C. Despite of all proclamations that the United States is not afraid of the peaceful rise of China and does not consider China a rival, since 1949 the U.S. has proven itself to be the number one enemy of China by word, deed and intent.

The U.S. has consistently and persistently executed the “containment of China” policy. Nixon would have reversed the policy if he had chance to complete his two-term presidency. At the present the U. S. is preparing for war with China in all fronts by coordinating and inciting with its allies and rogue nations such as the evil empire of Japan, Korea, Australia, Philippines, Vietnam, etc. in falsely claiming the territories of China in the South China Sea and the East China Sea. The evidence in all fronts includes

(1). Militarily in aiding, training, equipping war ships, war planes for the U.S. allies and rogue nations in a strategy of encircling China. The U.S. has more than 700 overseas military bases in over 100 nations to encircle China and Russia.

(2). Shamelessly and immorally and illegally forces sell costly and deadly weapons to Taiwan so that the Chinese may kill each other. The U.S.-Taiwan Relations Act is illegal because it violates the international law and violating the sovereignty of China, for Taiwan was a part of China long before the U.S. existed. It is illegal because it is unconstitutional; the U.S. constitution has no jurisdiction over another sovereign state.

(3). Technologically the U.S. imposes export control of thousands of items not allowed to be sold to China. This is what supremacists call free and fair trade. When China imposes export control of rare earth, the U.S. and its allies such as the evil empire of Japan immediately call it trade restriction. They want to stock pile China’s rare earth at low price.

(4). Supremacists are so afraid of a strong China and Chinese language and culture that they impose a restriction on Confucius Institutes and want to stamp out Chinese teachers who teach Chinese (Mandarin) language and culture in America. In fact, learning Chinese language and culture has become very popular in America. That alarms supremacists and militarists in the U.S. government.

(5). In trade the U.S. cannot compete with China’s productivity in manufacturing, and thus makes all kinds of false accusations so that protective tariff can be imposed.

(6). The U.S. is engaging in two-pronged attack on China’s economy by demanding revaluation of Chinese currency (RMB) on the one hand and executing Quantitative Easing on the other to reduce its deficits and big debt.

(7). In propaganda the Western media is tarnishing and targeting China under the pretext of democracy, human rights, freedom of speech, religious freedom, etc. to justify its aggressive action against China. The tactic is to give China a bad name and hang it. Just as they falsely accused Saddam Hussein in having possession of weapons of mass destruction, went ahead to attack and occupy Iraq and looted the wealth of Saddam and Iraq and illegally executed Saddam Hussein.

(8). Although the U.S. is located in North America, it claims to be the supreme power in Asia Pacific and is doing everything to realize it, from continuously conducting massive military exercises with its allies at China’s doorstep to staging all military capabilities at sea and in the air to confront and curb China. If China claims to be a major power in North America, it would be ridiculed as a warmonger. Why the U.S. of North America wanting to be the major power in Asia Pacific is not illegitimate? As an American, I am frightened by all the aggressive and provocative moves and preparations and statements that the U.S. is making and worried about the destruction and evil the U.S. has done all over the world. I am afraid the judgment of God is imminent. The words and actions of the U.S. and its allies and satellites and rogue nations all point to one goal of engaging war with China in seizing the natural resources of the South China Sea and the East China Sea.

As of January 1, 2013 the new prime minister of the evil empire of Japan has said, Diaoyu Islands belong to Japan, not negotiable. Clearly, the Japanese prime minister is a proven professional and habitual liar. Diaoyu Islands have belonged to China long before Japan, America, Vietnam, Philippines, etc. have existed. In 1971 the United States violated Chinas sovereignty by illegally giving control of Diaoyu Islands to war crime nation Japan. The evil Japanese leader is a liar and a killer (or seed of killers) and a son of the devil as defined by Jesus Christ. America is the devil behind the unrepentant Japanese leaders who are running dogs of American imperialism. China should not accept his special envoy since there is nothing to negotiate except returning Diaoyu Islands to the rightful owner of China. There is nothing to improve relations except making reparations and compensations for genocide, war crimes and atrocities committed by the evil empire of Japan in its 8 years of blood war of aggression against China. It is wise for China to prepare for the inevitable and give two atomic bombs to get rid of the evil empire of Japan once and for all.

Red Alert for peace-loving nations and peoples of the world! 

The doctrine of intervention is diabolical and destructive in nature. Intervention is not a prevalent principle of foreign policy; it is the foreign policy of imperial aggression. Intervention can never be a principle of national security, self-defense is. Humanitarian intervention has been used as a pretext of military aggression by the West against Libya no matter how unpleasant was the dictator. Imperial and hegemonic leaders have used national security as phony reasons for aggression and world domination. No national interest of one nation can violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of another nation. For that reason the US-Taiwan Relations Act is illegal and unconstitutional because it has violated the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China, and unconstitutional because it is beyond the U.S. jurisdiction. No nation has the right to force so-called democratic reconstruction on any other nation. The lodestar of any national policy should be seeking peace and harmony and respect for the sovereignty of all nations big and small. There is no consensus that the United States is morally obliged to align with revolutionary movements in any part of the world as a kind of compensation for Cold War policies. American Cold War policies created conflict and wars in many parts of the world. As a compensation the U.S. should pay to those nations it has wronged. It is a pretext to divide nations as between democratic and non-democratic government. Who has the conscience to say the U.S. government is democratic when it serves the narrow interests of special groups? It is a vicious and malicious concept that any nation that sides its alliance with the U.S. is democratic, and that any nation that rejects the U.S. policy of world domination is undemocratic. Any nation that uses security objectives to engage in wars of aggression is fundamentally evil. It is none of American business whether the government of a nation is fragile or not. The right thing is that whatever the U.S. does should not generate short-or-long term international instability. Every nation should mind its own business; it has no right to intervene in the internal affairs of other nations. Policies do not exist because they have utility; for example the U.S. “containment of China” policy exists since 1949. It is an evil policy because it violates the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China. Taiwan is a case in point. To support Dalai Lama and Tibet riots, and rebellions in Xinjiang, and stirring up discontent in Hong Kong, etc. are examples of evil deeds. The policy may have utility of an evil empire, but it is immoral and wicked nonetheless.

The United States with the veneer of respectability lifting high the banners of liberty, security, human rights, justice, etc. is actually doing the opposite. The U.S. and the evil empire of Japan are spreading the falsehood of China threat are in fact they are the greatest threat to world peace and security. They accuse of China rising as a military power, the truth is since the infamous Opium Wars to the present time the U.S. and Western powers and Japan have oppressed and suppressed China too many times. China rises to defend itself from American and Japanese aggression. Since the end of World War II the evil empire of America has killed millions of peoples in unjust wars and military interventions around the world. In 1971 the U.S. violated China’s sovereignty in giving control of China’s Diaoyu Islands to war crime and unconditionally surrendered Japan. Instead of righting the wrong, American leaders declare to defend Japan over Diaoyu Islands. How unrighteous and outrageous! American and Japanese leaders have been proven liars and killers, defined by Jesus Christ they are children of the devil. The United State is the biggest troublemaker, warmonger, bully and international outlaw and with its evil allies Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, India, etc. they are seizing China’s resources and robbing China’s territories in the South China Sea and the East China Sea which rightfully belong to China long before they existed. The evil Axis of America, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, India, etc. are arming with most advanced weaponry and war systems and making all preparations to launch a war of aggression against China. The evil empire of Japan that denied all its war crimes, genocide, and making Chinese and Korean women sex slaves, etc. is the no. 1 running dog of the American imperialist.

Whatever evil the evil leaders of Japan have done, the American media reports it as good. Whatever good the Chinese leaders have done, the American media reports it as bad. Whatever wrong the evil empire of Japan has done, the American media reports it as right. Whatever right China has done, the American media reports it as wrong. When Japan robbed and unlawfully occupies China's Diaoyu Islands with American aid, the American media reports it as legal. When China wants to regain its rightful territories, the American media reports it as illegal. The unilateral action of illegal giving administrative control of China's Diaoyu Islands to the evil empire of Japan in 1971 by the United States is considered legal by U.S. officials. The unilateral illegal act of the evil empire of Japan in buying and nationalizing China's Diaoyu Islands is counted legal by U.S. officials. The legal act of China in patrolling China's territories near Diaoyu Islands by air and by sea is considered illegal by America and Japan. The duplicity and double standard and distortion committed by American and Japanese officials would even make demons blush. American mass media is very skillful in distorting facts and trampling on truth without shame or remorse.

The United States is the sole superpower which is executing the most evil and wicked strategy in pursuit of world domination and dictatorship. American leaders have been proven liars and killers, defined by Jesus Christ as children of the devil; see Jhn 8:44. When American leaders want to do evil, they always lift up high the noble banners of democracy, human rights, rule of law, security and stability, peace and prosperity, etc. to cover up their sins, crimes and iniquities and to fool the uninformed and gullible. Since 1949 the evil empire of America has carried out persistently an ongoing “containment of China” policy. Under Obama, the American aggressive policy gets worse and turns into “constriction of China” policy. Like a giant snake which kills its prey by suffocating it through asphyxia, so the U.S. wants to destroy the peaceful rise of China by military and economic constriction. In the year of snake, China must beware of the American giant snake, and small snakes of Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, etc. The U.S. is employing a two-pronged approach to constrict China, first by military alliance with many nations in Europe (EU, NATO) with export control to suppress China’s military development; and with the evil empire of Japan and rat and rogue nations in Asia through military bases to blockade free passage of China by sea; and with three major radar facilities in Japan, Philippines and Taiwan to blockade the air passage of China’s second strike or strike back capacity and capability. The U.S. is planning to use Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, etc. to launch attacks on China to destroy its defense and offense facilities and systems. In addition to American supremacy in military, the U.S. is seeking a US-EUROPE and US-PAN ASIA trade pacts to exclude China from participating in free trade and thus constricting China economic development. This is the most diabolical scheme of American leaders which is a forerunner of the devil model or Satanic modus operandi.

Rev 13:16-17, “And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.”

Note: The beast provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell without his authorization. The U.S. is seeking the power to bar trade with those nations who are not in the US-EURO and US-PAN ASIA pacts that would certain ban trade with China and Russia. Once the evil empire of America achieves absolute military supremacy and economic and trade monopoly, the U.S. automatically becomes the sole ruler and dictator of the world.  Let leaders and peoples of nations who have wisdom and understanding calculate what the United States is doing and planning to do with its dire and dreadful consequences.

28.   Speak nothing but the truth.

1Ki 22:16, “Then the king said to him: How many times must I adjure you to speak to me nothing but the truth in the name of the Lord?"

Note: In general, we are obliged to speak nothing but the truth, how much more in court under oath. The legal system that allows defense lawyers to lie and present fake evidence is a travesty of justice. Anyone who lies under oath (perjury) must be punished no matter who he is, even the president. Preachers who preach false gospel or false doctrines are cursed.

29.    Walk with integrity.

Psa 15:2, “He who walks with integrity, and works righteousness, and speaks truth in his heart.”

Note: A man of integrity is defined as one who walks with integrity, and works righteousness, and speaks truth in his heart. Integrity in Hebrew is tamiym which means free from blemishes, upright in conduct, blamelessness, in accord with truth and fact; - it occurs about 91 times in the Old Testament. 1Cr 13:6, “Does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth;” 2Cr 13:8, “For we can do nothing against the truth, but only for the truth.”

30.    He who practices the truth comes to the Light.

Jhn 3:21, "But he who practices the truth comes to the Light, so that his deeds may be manifested as having been wrought in God."

Eph 1:13, “In Him, you also, after listening to the message of truth, the Gospel of your salvation—having also believed, you were sealed in Him with the Holy Spirit of promise,”

Eph 5:9, “(For the fruit of the Light consists in all goodness and righteousness and truth).”

Note: The fruit of the Light consists in all goodness and righteousness and truth. You do not and cannot find the fruit of the Light in imperialism, colonialism, hegemonism, fascism, capitalism, secularism, or terrorism, etc. The children of darkness reject the truth and do not come to the Light.

Something needs to be congratulated and recognized that the United Methodist Church at its convention in Tampa, Florida, on May 3, 2012 voted against changing long-held stand in its book of laws and doctrines that calls homosexuality “incompatible with Christian teaching.” Eph 6:13,“Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.” The schemes of the devil by his agents are to distort the Gospel and split the church.  The Bible clearly teaches that homosexuality is a sin just as adultery is a sin. There is no such thing as liberals and conservatives in mainline Protestant denominations anywhere. There are only faithful believers and those who fall away. Faithful believers stand firm on the teaching of Jesus Christ as revealed in the New Testament. Those who deviate from the Word of God in faith or conduct are falling from grace. Any church debate is ended by adhering to the revealed doctrine of the Bible. The Bible makes outright prohibitions on gay clergy members and practice of homosexuality. The so-called “pain” of gay church members is self-inflicted; the pain in hell is eternal. Any organization that violates the Christian doctrine and teaching is unworthy to call itself a church –1Ti 3:15,“But in case I am delayed, I write so that you will know how one ought to conduct himself in the household of God, which is the Church of the living God, the pillar and support of the truth.” Pillar in Greek is stylos which means a prop or support; - it occurs 4 times in the New Testament. Support in Greek is hedraiōma which means ground; - it occurs only once in the New Testament. Truth is the only ground where the Church of Christ stands. The Church can only support the truth in Christ. There is no reconciliation between truth and error, no fellowship between light and darkness, no communion between Christ and the devil. For the same reason, you have no right to worship idols like the leader of Taiwan Ma Ying-jeou and call yourself a Christian. You have no right to call yourself a born-again Christian like a former American president and believe in evolution. The leaders of the United States have no right to call America a Christian nation while being an evil empire of warmongering, greed, corruption and immorality. 

31.   The truth of the Gospel.

Gal 2:5, “To whom we gave place by subjection, no, not for an hour; that the truth of the Gospel might continue with you.”

Col 1:5, “For the hope which is laid up for you in heaven, whereof you heard before in the word of the truth of the Gospel.”

2Cr 4:2, “But we have renounced the things hidden because of shame, not walking in craftiness or adulterating the Word of God, but by the manifestation of truth commending ourselves to every man's conscience in the sight of God.”

Eph 1:13, “In Him, you also, after listening to the message of truth, the Gospel of your salvation—having also believed, you were sealed in Him with the Holy Spirit of promise,”

Note: The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the message of truth. The message of truth is the word of truth. The message of truth is that sinners need not die in sins and go to hell because Jesus Christ came and died for sinners, so that all who repent and believe in Jesus Christ may receive the eternal life. Those who have been saved are walking in truth. Those who do not believe the truth will be judged and suffer eternal punishment. The choice is yours.

March 16, 2017

Willie Wong
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约翰福音8:32 理, 由。
注解以上是耶稣基督著名的声明并引述,因为它关乎真理的自由。在希腊真理是alētheia,这意味着什么是客观的真正,现实,事实,当然; 圣经真理的教导,关于和借基督执行他的目的,并关于人的责任,反对迷信,传统,歪理邪说,人腐败的意见和戒律; - 这个词出现在新约大约110 在希伯来文'emeth这意味着忠诚,,真正的教义,神的指示,真理而不是谎言; - 它在旧约发生大约127 彼拉多想为自己辩护约翰福音18:38  : 呢?说 话,又 里, : 来。 么?人类六千年来寻找的。最重要的是要知道真理,服从真理。

真理统治神和人的关系, 人与人的相互关系。箴言 3:3 使 你。 上, 上。一个人放弃善良和真理就变得不人道。华尔街所实行的资本主义是如此不人道的,因为它缺乏善良和真理。华尔街爆满贪婪和欺诈。箴言23:23  理。 慧, 诲, 明, 卖。华尔街做了很大损害世界的事件,因为它销售谎言和欺骗。 以赛亚书59:14 退 后, 处。 倒, 入。真理在华尔街绊倒,正气不能进入一个腐败的政府。在一个腐败的政府,不是真理,谎言战胜国;没有人行公正,没有人求真理。政客和官僚教他们的舌头说谎言,与其说这经济和金融危机是华尔街骗子和罪犯创建的,他们说这是一个很大的经济衰退,需要政府救助或刺激。神不很高兴因为在这个世界上缺乏真理也没有正义。

真理也是国家与国家间关系的基础。撒迦利亚书8:19 说, 子, 子, 子, 期。 平。 好战的国家不爱真理与和平。当一个国家侵略另一个国家想攻击,它总是散布有关该国的谎言和谬误,以辩解攻击。当西方国家和日本攻击中国在臭名昭著的鸦片战争,他们说,这是为了开放和自由贸易做。噢,我的,残忍的白人至上主义者,迫使中国购买鸦片,还以开放和自由贸易借口发动了侵略战争?帝国主义和霸权主义的民族,爱战争不爱真理。爱好和平的人民和国家必须也爱真理。和平与真理同行。没有真理就不可能有和平,有和平必须有真理。真理的力量是使人得自由。

真理可以被验证。创世纪42:16  去, 来。 们, 里, 真, 真, 誓, 细。一个人的话可以进行测试,以确定是否他的话真不真。 如果一个人说的是什么发现属实,那么在他里面有真理。如果发现是假的,那么在他里面就没有真理。一个人的话可以进行测试,以确定是否是在他里面有或没有真 理。一个人是否在他里面有或没有真理并不取决于他是否有钱与否,有或没有教育,有或没有社会地位,而在于他的话是真还是假。你可以相信一个人只要他的话可 以验证。因此,一个人的话定义他的价值。一个人是崇高的,因为在他里面有真理。一个有真理的人在真理和正直上交易。 诗篇15:2  直, 义, 人。箴言12:17 的, 义。 的,显 诈。真理是正确的基础。
列王记上3:6  说, 实, 义, 前, 典, 恩, 上, 样。
注解:一个人应该怎样走?一个人应如何做人?大卫用诚实,公义,正直的心 行在神面前。真理,正义,正直的心构成一个正直的人。

约伯记9:2 样。

列王记上17:24  说, 人, 的。
注解:神人可以通过他的言行证明。一个人教虚假的教义就是假师。一个人预言自己的想法就是假先知。任何人否认耶稣基督是神成为人就是敌基督。一个神人有神的在他的心,在他的口中。路加福音20:21 说, 子, 道, 貌, 道。所有诚诚实实传神的道神的仆人看耶稣为模范。

出埃及记 18:21, “ 人, 神, 妄, 人, 长, 长, 长, 长, 姓,

罗马书3:4  能。 说, 的, 的。 记, 候, 义。 候, 胜。



申命记32:4 石, 全, 平, 神。 义, 直。
出埃及记34:6 说, 华, 华, 神, 怒, 实。
约书亚记24:14  华, 他, 掉, 华。
注解事奉神只有一个办法,用心灵和诚实。当你事奉,你必须抛弃假神,放下,权, 的神。  

撒母耳记上12:24 华, 他, 大。
诗篇25:5  我, 我。 神。 你。
注解:所有的真理都是神的真理。科学的真理,法律的真理,道德的真理,哲学的真理等等,是不可能抵触神的真理。基督徒不是任何国家或任何人的政治,社会,道德和哲学真理的领导; 基督徒是被神的真理。无论神说的都是真。无论神说是真的就是真的,无论神说是假的就是假的。神有最终的一切发言权,无论是任何事或任何人。主着他的灵和他的真理(神的话)教导信徒。
诗篇145:18  的, 的, 便  
诗篇31:5  里。 阿,
注解:在最后一刻,一个基督是把他的灵魂交在真理的神。 真理是神的基本性质。  


约翰福音4:23  到, 了, 的, 他, 他。
注解:人造宗教在很多方法崇拜很多的神,基督徒只能崇拜天  - 宇宙的神 - 只有这样:用心灵和诚实敬拜父。没有人可以由他自己的意志崇拜神,他必须用心灵和诚实拜他。人是一个由三合为一:  灵, 魂, 体。身体是物质的意识,魂是自我的意识,灵是神的意识。因为神是个灵,我们用心灵和诚实敬拜神。用心灵,就是我们的灵与神的灵联系。诚实是指用你的心,真诚和真正。
约翰福音4:24   的, 他。


约翰福音8:44 鬼, 欲, 行, 的, 理。 理, 己, 的, 父。
注解:本经文指定魔鬼:(一)。魔鬼从一开始是杀人的。第一凶手不是该隐,乃是魔鬼。 (二)。魔鬼不站在真理上。这样一个人主张可以说明他是否属于魔鬼。 (三)。魔鬼没有真理。有很聪明狡猾和贪婪的人,他们认为自己做得很好,因为他们能欺骗世界,但他们无耻地撒谎,他们是黑暗的子女。这些人创造了美国最大的经济和金融危机,这些都是帝国主义,霸权主义和军国主义者想要称霸世界;这些是恐怖分子为其宗教的名义杀人等等。(四)。魔鬼谎言。魔鬼的孩子们像他们的父亲,他们也说谎言。 (五)。魔鬼是说谎之人的父,他在世界上也有很多子女和代理人。这经文总结了整个魔鬼的性格和本性- 神的相反。

约翰福音17:17 使 圣。
列王记上17:24 说, 人, 的。
撒母耳记下7:28 阿, 神。 理。 人。
诗篇119:160 存。

诗篇33:4 直。 的, 实。

诗篇40:11 阿, 悲。
注解:在希伯莱文保佑natsar,这意味着保持,维护,监视,从风险防范; - 它在旧约发生大约63

诗篇69:13 候, 祷。 阿, 爱, 我。
注解:在的救恩有真理。神救恩的真理是:一切人都犯了罪,应该得到永恒的处罚; 耶稣基督,神的羔羊为罪人死,使所有忏悔相信耶稣基督人可以承受永生。

诗篇85:11 现。
注解:在希伯莱语成长是tsamach即萌芽,发芽,生长; - 它在旧约发生大约33。真理需要在地球上生长和扩散。

诗篇111:7 的, 平。


诗篇117:2 爱。 远。 华。
诗篇146:6 天, 地, 海, 物。 实, 远。

诗篇119:142 存。

诗篇119:151  阿, 近。
注解:在希伯莱语命令是mitsvah,这意味着戒律,戒命,智慧的代码; - 它发生在旧约大约181 神的诫命是主要集中在表达 你不应该...” 你应该...” 神的诫命,其中不应该做的事情是禁止的。神的诫命,应该做的事情其实是要执行的命令。

箴言12:19  立。 话,

但以理书10:21 你。 外, 的。

弥迦书 7:20你(神) 话, 爱。

约翰福音17:17  使
注解成圣在希腊语中是hagiazō这意味着亵渎的东西分开,与污秽隔绝奉献给神,从罪里得自由,净化内部更新心灵的; - 它在旧约发生大约29。亲爱的朋友们,你知道学习神的话语可以成圣吗?圣经是真理的圣经。

约翰福音18:37  说, 样, 吗? 说, 王。 生, 间, 证。 人, 话。

罗马书1:18 忿 怒, 上, 人。
注解:希腊语阻挡katechō,这意味着隐瞒,扣押,限制,妨碍; - 它在新约发生大约19 罗马书1:25 谎, 物, 主。 的, 远。 们。罗马书2:8” “ 理, 的, 忿 们。帝国主义,殖民主义,白人至上主义,霸权主义,法西斯,资本家,恐怖分子等等是历史插图,都是自私野心,不顺从真理。邪恶的顺从不义,愤怒和恼恨

罗马书2:2 人, 他。

约翰福音1:14, “ 间, 理。 光, 光。

马太福音22:16 徒, 人, 说, 子, 人, 道, 面,


约翰福音14:6 说, 路, 理, 命。 我, 去。

使徒行传26:25  说, 人, 狂,

罗马书9:1 言, 动, 证。

以弗所书4:21   道, 教, 理,

约翰福音15:26 来, 灵。 了, 证。
约翰福音14:17  灵, 的。 他, 他。 他。 在,

约翰一书5:6-7 督。 水, 血。  证,

约翰福音16:13 了, 理。 来。 们。

约翰一书2:21 们, 理, 道,

列王记上22:16 说, 次, 呢?

诗篇15:1-2 阿, 幕? 山?  直, 义, 真话
注解:正直的人被定义为一个行为正直,作事公义,并能说一口心中的真理。在希伯来文正直tamiym这意味着摆脱污点,无可指摘,在真理和事实上相符; - 它在旧约发生大约91

哥林多前书13:6 义。 理。

哥林多后书13:8  理, 理。

约翰福音3:21 光, 行。
以弗所书1:13  道, 音, 督, 他, 记。
以弗所书5:9 子, 善, 义,真理

加拉太书2:5 夫, 们, 间。
歌罗西书1:5 望。 的。
哥林多后书4:2 了, 诈, 理。 来, 心。
以弗所书1:13  道, 音, 督, 他, 记。

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